Pinburgh 2017 – What to Watch For

Pinburgh 2017 – What to Watch For

Five Questions

1. Will Josh Sharpe win his first major?

Will this be the tournament Josh Sharpe breaks through so he no longer has to hear about it constantly which has to get incredibly annoying?

2. Will the younger generation continue their recent success?

After Raymond Davidson’s win at IFPA and Escher Lefkoff’s win at PAPA, will the younger generation continue their dominance?

3. Will Keith Elwin repeat?

Although he’s no longer number one in the world, Keith Elwin is still considered by many to be the world’s best pinball player, even in his semi-retirement.  Though he hasn’t been playing as much, will he be in good enough form to win Pinburgh twice in a row?

4. Will Eric Stone continue his hot streak?

Coming off another win at Pintastic, will Eric Stone ride this hot streak to a Pinburgh title?

5. Which podcaster will finish first?

Ron or Bruce?  Tommy or Taylor?  Jessica or Jeff (wait, he’s not going?)?  Jeff Teolis?  Was the Coast 2 Coast “hiatus” really just Nate spending the last year not working and spending all his time practicing pinball for Pinburgh?  Conspiracies abound.  We shall see.

Good luck everybody!

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