Magic Girl Pinball Machine: First Stream, Features, and the Latest on Possible Mass Production

Magic Girl Pinball Machine: First Stream, Features, and the Latest on Possible Mass Production

Earlier this week, Martin and Ryan from the Head2Head Pinball Podcast (website, Facebook) streamed the Magic Girl pinball machine on their Twitch channel.  While there have been some short videos of Magic Girl gameplay, this is believed to be the first full stream of the game.  (***EDIT – it is NOT the first stream!  Check out Stashkid13’s stream of Magic Girl from several months ago here!***)  You can view the entire stream here on YouTube.  Special thanks to Martin and Ryan, and also to Chris Kooluris of Kaneda’s Pinball Podcast for access to photos of his Magic Girl machine as well – check out Kaneda’s Pinball Podcast on Soundcloud here.  Finally, thanks to Wayne Gillard for allowing Martin and Ryan to stream Magic Girl – check out Wayne’s Mr. Pinball website here.


If you don’t know much about Magic Girl or haven’t played one, you’re not alone.  There are only about two dozen Magic Girl machines in the world.  The short and controversial history of the machine goes like this – several years ago famous pinball designer John Popadiuk started a company called Zidware, and planned to build a limited number of Magic Girl machines.  Zidware customers paid in part or in full for these machines that had not been built yet (the “pre-order” model).  Popadiuk ran out of funds before any games were delivered.  American Pinball later built the Magic Girl machines and they were shipped to customers, however, despite the efforts of American Pinball, the game was incomplete as you will see below.


From Ryan and Martin and the other people in the stream, there were some observations that were stated throughout the evening, including:

  • It is a beautiful machine with a lot of potential
  • There were magnets missing, code missing, features that simply don’t work
  • All magnets seem weak, which should be able to be fixed with software
  • The ball times were short
  • There were many rejects on the left ramp where the ball didn’t quite get up the ramp
  • The skill shot is similar to the World Cup Soccer pinball machine
  • Everything feels solid, very good build quality
  • Several people mentioned that the game shoots well
  • It could be a great game if everything is working


For an overview of the features of Magic Girl, visit this link for a playfield view and brief description, and this link for a list view that goes more in-depth of the features and some rules.

***EDIT***  The website linked above were created by Pinsider Applejuice, who worked on the code for Magic Girl.  This Week in Pinball received some clarification from him regarding some context of the MG code development, why he created the website above, and his situation working with Zidware.  With his permission, I have copied and pasted his private message:  


2 Main points currently are that the code shipped with the games was NOT fully paid for and i never received my own game as part of my contract. Also the code development was stopped by myself in May 2014 due to lack of payment on invoices. roughly $11000 software contract fees plus a few £K in development hardware owing.


You can listen to the full (early) story at this flipping podcast –


I created the website, after i learned that games were shipping to original owners, as a gesture of good will on my behalf to help them understand the rules and game concepts as i had coded them and developed the game rules with jpop. The game concepts were a joint discussion, not all jpops ideas.


I also was in contact with the original owners for awhile in terms of getting a game myself (to own) to be able to iron out and improve the code base, fix problems. I created a new software release to address some of the owners concerns on my own time, plus fixed a lot of the issues in the code created after i had departed. Unfortunately as no deal could be created to get me a game the software release could not be tested on real hardware so i parked the project once again.


Let me share with you the update notes for v0.8.0 (I’m still waiting for a game to be sent to me so i can test it!!!)


Magicgirl v0.8.0 Update Notes

– Added Free Play Option to Service Standard Settings
– Removed Novice Play
– Adjusted Coil Strength on Potion Kickout
– Adjusted Coil Strength on Magic Shop Kickout
– Fixed Potion Saucer mode issues which conflicted with old bagatelle mode
– Fixed Ball Search flipper hold coil disabling issue
– Updated POWER letter progress to use RHS loop as original designed.
– Updated MAGIC letter progress to be as original designed.
– Updated graphic window display for WIZARD letter completion
– Updated graphic window display for POTION letter completion
– Improved Ball Search
– Updated Attract mode score names
– Added attract mode sound screen
– Added attract mode myPinballs Electronics screen
– Added game audit reset option to Service Utilities/Audits menu
– Added game diagnostics reset option to Service Utilities menu
– Added broken switch reporting to Service switch test
– Added broken switch updating to Service switch test
– Fixed a bug with Service Switch NC grid colouring
– Added correct machine serial number designation in Service System menu

Applejuice also mentioned: Also, in answer to one of the questions from the stream, the wizard lane hurry up shot is collected in the same place the wizard lanes were spotted, i.e. left loop. This is also explained on the website in the feature list as shot 5.


Many of the shots and features in the game are actually coded fine. It is that some tweaks to timings and alterations to hardware controls are needed due to changes from the prototype and the ‘production’ machines.

Below are a few of the features we saw (or were supposed to see) during the stream:

Locking Balls for Multiball

The locks are supposed to work like this: Light lock lanes in the left/right inlane/outlane to light lock (similar to K-E-E-P on Lord of the Rings).  Once L-O-C-K is completed, lock will light at the left ramp, and three balls can be locked for multi-ball, one ball locked on each ramp, and the third ball is sucked up into the Kings Chamber.  Here is the problem – there aren’t any ball lock areas on the ramps and it doesn’t appear there is a way to physically lock balls on the ramp. It could be coded as a “virtual lock” in the software to fix this?  Here is Martin nailing the lock shot and finding out it doesn’t actually lock a ball right now.  So unfortunately there aren’t any videos of multiball – however, there IS a video of someone figuring out a work-around and actually locking one of the balls (check it out here!).

Upper Playfield with Magna Flippers

According to Wayne, there is supposed to be a magnet that holds a ball and shoots it up to the upper playfield.  Then you can use magna flippers (similar to Twilight Zone) on the upper playfield.  This works in test mode currently but there apparently isn’t software to support it.

Levitation Chamber

The Levitation Chamber is supposed to levitate a ball, however, it is also not working right now.  Wayne (Mr. Pinball) is trying to fix it on this particular machine, and they manufactured a stainless steel flap to get it to work about 1 in 20 times right now.  Listen to Wayne discuss what they’ve been doing and how the levitation chamber works.

W-I-Z-A-R-D and the Wizard is Messing with You

In this video, Martin completes “WIZARD” by shooting the orbits and spinner shot, and although it doesn’t seem to do anything when WIZARD is complete (supposed to start a hurry up?), the ball ends precariously balanced directly on the top of the rubber between the inlane and outlane.  After cradling the ball for a moment, it also appears that Martin deals with the Wizard “messing wit him” in this video, where the machine acts like it is in a ball search and flips the flippers to move the ball.  Not sure if that was intentional or not, but the audio does say “the Wizard is messing with you” or something to that nature.

Outlanes – Jinx Wheel and Magna Save

There is a spinning disc above left outlane called the Jinx Wheel.  Check out it throwing a ball down the outlane, throwing a ball back into the playfield, and how the disc turns on and off with rollover targets in the middle of the playfield.  Above the right outland, there is a magna save, check out this video to show where the magna save magnet is located.


This seems to currently be the main thing to shoot for in the game.  It makes the lights change colors and makes loud noises, check out here.

Light Show in Attract Mode

Speaking of lights, check out the attract mode.


The ramps look fluid and very John Popadiuk-y.  As mentioned above, there were a lot of times where the ball didn’t make it all the way up the ramp, but check out this video to see someone hit it twice (and almost three times) in a row.  When you hit the ramp it goes down the right side, but after you hit the ramp 3x the diverter switches it to go down the left side.  For some reason that didn’t work during normal game play but did work here while the glass was off.


A company called deeproot pinball has hired John Popadiuk, and there are rumors that they are planning to mass produce the Magic Girl pinball machine.  (For more on that story, click here.)  This Week in Pinball spoke to deeproot this week, and regarding the possibility of building more Magic Girls, they had the following statement:


“Contrary to what is being falsely disseminated, there are no plans at this time to actually make MG, RAZA, and/or AIW. One or more of them might be made, or might not. If one or more of them are made, they might vary in nature (i.e. title, theme, artwork, structure or layout) and/or quantity. An unfortunate factor in this decision involves the unresolved ownership of some of the intellectual property rights involved in the games. In order for deeproot Tech to consider making MG, RAZA, and/or AIW, these issues may need to be resolved.”


Here is a two minute flyover of the machine.


This guy is a good pinball player judging by the stream, but this is the shortest ball time EVER – the ball literally doesn’t even go onto the playfield, just goes from plunger to drain.  It may have something to do with the shooter lane not having any type of groove to guide the ball.


Check out this Popular Science article: The curious story of Magic Girl, the would-be greatest pinball machine of all time


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TWIP – JJP Pirates of the Caribbean, Houdini Updates, Stern Unlicensed Theme, More

TWIP – JJP Pirates of the Caribbean, Houdini Updates, Stern Unlicensed Theme, More

The Scoop

Pirates of the Caribbean by Jersey Jack Pinball

At the fireside chat at Expo on Thursday evening, Jersey Jack Pinball announced their newest creation, the Pirates of the Caribbean.  The machine is packed with toys and features, including:

  • A Black Pearl upper playfield ship that rocks back and forth like you’re on the open water, and features a loaded cannon which fires your pinball to sink the enemy ship.  Check out the upper playfield in action here.
  • Three spinning discs in the middle of the playfield that have varying speeds, are multi-directional and can “stop on a dime”.  Not only does it effect your ball path, it also grants you awards including plundering other players points or pinballs.  Check out the discs here and check out this fun chaotic sequence which shows how much it can effect ball path.
  • A 4.3 inch display on the apron that uses Captain Jack Sparrow’s compass to tell you the best shot in the game at all times.
  • The Davey Jones Chest, which opens and closes and is a physical ball lock for three balls.
  • The Maelstrom/Whirlpool ramp where you sink balls on the ramp to start a multi-ball.

Check out This Week in Pinball’s DEEP DIVE into the game, with Likes, Dislikes, Overview, Code and Feature Reviews, and more.


Links to more coverage:

Houdini by American Pinball

American Pinball announced some changes and some new information regarding their upcoming machine, Houdini:

  • Lighting was added down by flippers with theater inspired spotlights
  • Part of plastic ramp was removed and made it a wire form
  • The stage marquee playfield mini lcd was revised
  • Refined Catapult is now firing with upper 90% success rate, and they’re trying to implement “smart learning” in the game to record and learn from a miss
  • Custom side blades will be available as an add-on
  • Magic glass is being developed to compete with invisiglass/pdi, likely will be available as an add-on
  • Shaker kit will be developed and available as add-on
  • Set up for initial 1,000 units
  • Weight of game 275 lbs. boxed
  • 90 day all inclusive warranty, 1 year warranty on monitors
  • Parts available to buy direct and through distributors
  • USB updates at coin door
  • Next game will be unlicensed

Thanks to Pinsider Skins for the above updates on Houdini.  For the flyer and full list of features, click here.  Seems like it is time for a tutorial and lengthy stream of this machine!

Steve Ritchie Working on Unlicensed Theme

According to Pinball News, during his presentation on Friday evening, Steve Ritchie said his next theme would be unlicensed.  This comes after the Stern Pinball designer recently commented on Facebook: “I’m sick of licenses right now.  I’m having REAL FUN doing what I’m doing on my next!”  This is interesting as Gary Stern has mentioned in the past plans to stick with licensed themes.  With the recent buzz around Total Nuclear Annihilation and Dialed In, it will be fun to see what Steve Ritchie and Stern Pinball have in store for us!

Pinball News Expo Coverage

Speaking of Pinball News, if you want in-depth Expo coverage, you need to check out the daily reviews from Martin and the team at Pinball News.  The main page is here, and check out the daily reviews with tons of pictures and info on everything Expo:

Other Expo News

A few other Expo items to note:

  • The Outside Edge Hardtop: a new product introduced at Expo which is not a new playfield or a thin decal, but an alternative way to fix up a playfield with a durable rigid overlay hardcoat.  For more info, click here.
  • Batman 66 Code Update: a new release will be coming soon (0.80?) which will complete the major villains and add other content, but there is no timeline on when the game/code will be completed.
  • Dutch Pinball Update: Dutch Pinball introduced their new contract manufacturer, XYTECH Modules Technologies.
  • Pinball Magazine Publications: Jonathan Joosten spoke of two upcoming publications, issue #5 of the Pinball Magazine, and a book called Pinball Road Trip.  Keep an eye on the Pinball Magazine website for more info going forward.
  • Pinball Wizards book: Adam Ruben spoke about his book called Pinball Wizards: Jackpots, Drains, and the Cult of the Silver Ball.  To order the book from Amazon, click here.
  • Congrats to Keith Elwin, Zach Sharpe, and John Replogle on finishing the Expo Flip Out tournament first, second, and third respectively!

ColorDMD Releases

ColorDMD, which will instantly increase your happiness in life by 12-15%, announced releases for Star Trek, World Cup Soccer, and Godzilla.  Check out the teaser video for the long awaited Star Trek ColorDMD here.  To buy, visit

Multimorphic Launches Redesigned Website

Check out Multimorphic’s newly redesigned website here.  According to their newsletter, “Features and functionality of the new site will continue to grow over time to enhance customer experiences with the full P3 ecosystem.  Current major features include product overviews, our new online store, and a customer support portal, which provides information about the P3, documentation and tutorials for using and maintaining it, and an issue tracking system for customer support and feature requests.”

Alien Shipping?

CoinTaker has reported that 21 Alien pinball machines have landed in port and should be in their warehouse this week.  Retro Arcade out of Sweden is reporting that seven Alien machines should be arriving to their facility this week as well.  TWIP will update this next week as hopefully customers can pick up their machines.

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Upcoming Games and Rumors

Stern Pinball

Most Recent Titles

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  • Elvira 3

Rumors of Future Titles

  • Guardians of the Galaxy?
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  • Steve Ritchie Unlicensed?

Spooky Pinball

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American Pinball

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Dutch Pinball

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Jersey Jack Pinball

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Rumors of Future Titles

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Heighway Pinball

Most Recent Titles

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Rumors of Future Titles

  • Queen?

P3 (Multimorphic)

  • Lexy Lightspeed
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  • Cosmic Cart Racing


  • Thunderbirds (coming soon)

Phénix Pinball

  • Olympic Goblin

Deeproot Pinball

  • Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland?
  • Alice in Wonderland?
  • Magic Girl?



**TWIP dreams of the day Harry Potter Pinball will be added to these rumors. Ms. Rowling, I would be willing to play fetch with Fluffy if you approve this!

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Pirates of the Caribbean Deep Dive – Likes, Dislikes, Code, Features

Pirates of the Caribbean Deep Dive – Likes, Dislikes, Code, Features

What a reveal from Jersey Jack Pinball!  JJP showed off their newest pinball machine, Pirates of the Caribbean, and it is packed with features.  Before getting into the pinball machine, a special thanks to Kevin and Nick with Buffalo Pinball (check them out on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter), Zach and Greg with Straight Down the Middle: a pinball show (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook), Steve Bowden (, and Pinsiders cavalier88z24 and abelelectronics for photos and videos.  Check out their links for more content!


For the full reveal from Jersey Jack Pinball, view Buffalo Pinball’s full stream here.


For the gameplay portion of Pirates of the Caribbean with Buffalo Pinball and others, click here.


For the gameplay portion with designer Eric Meunier, click here.


For the gameplay portion with Keith Johnson (rules/software), click here.


For a five minute flyover of the game, check out this video from Straight Down the Middle: a pinball show.


Below is an in-depth Overview of the machine, and Five Likes and Five Dislikes on Jersey Jack’s Pirates of the Caribbean.  Thoughts are based on the Buffalo Pinball stream and conversations with people at Expo.  (Note: It was a little difficult to hear the music on the stream.  There also aren’t a ton of movie clips added to the animations, but those will likely be added in later.)


Editions, Price, and Timeline

Pirates of the Caribbean is a wide body machine, and there are three editions: Standard Edition ($8,500), Limited Edition ($9,500), and Collector’s Edition ($12,500).  For a full list of differences between the different models, click here.  There are NO gameplay differences between editions.  The machines are expected to ship in the first quarter of 2018.

By The Numbers

  • 5 speaker 2.1 stereo surround system
  • 22 characters to choose from
  • 1 Black Pearl pirate ship
  • 1 Aim-able cannon ball at target ship
  • 4.3 inch apron display
  • 3 concentric spinning map discs
  • 13 unique shots on the playfield
  • 6 diverters
  • 17 ball paths
  • 2 outlane skill saves
  • 5 flippers
  • 27 targets
  • 2 magnets (one in the orbit, one on the Start Chapter area)
  • 4 bumpers
  • 3 RGB edge lit spinners
  • 5 entrance subway
  • 3 slingshots
  • 1 under the flipper shot
  • 5 mini-wizard modes
  • 1 ultimate wizard mode


  • Black Pearl Upper Playfield and Cannon

    • The Black Pearl upper playfield rocks back and forth like you’re on the open water and features a loaded cannon, where you fire your pinball across the game at the British Navy Vessel called the HMS Dauntless.  Hit the spinners to raise the sails and then load the cannon.  When you aim correctly and fire at the right time it goes through the “sweet spot” on the enemy ship which sinks it and starts a multi ball.  Check out a video of the upper playfield here.
  • Concentric Spinning Discs on Playfield

    • Based on the Mao Kun Map from the movies, (aka navigational charts, aka Map to the Land of the Dead), the three spinning discs in the middle of the playfield are speed controllable, multi-directional and can “stop on a dime”.  Not only does it effect your ball path, it also grants you awards.  There are words written on each of the disks and they line up to form different awards, and there are over 200 unique awards based on how they stop.  Some awards include plundering your opponents ball – you can steal points and pinballs from other players in the game.  Awards were not coded at Expo, but when they are the ball will be held in the subway while the award is…awarded.  Check out a video of the spinning discs here.
  • “Your Heart’s Desire”

    • The 4.3 inch display on the apron uses Captain Jack Sparrow’s compass to tell you the best shot in the game at all times.  It can also be used to choose awards, etc.
  • Davey Jones Chest

    • The Davey Jones Chest is a physical ball lock for three balls.
  • Maelstrom/Whirlpool ramp

    • Sink balls on the ramp to start a multi-ball.

Rules and Code

Wow.  Where to start!  The code was about 20-30% done at Expo, but this game is going to be incredibly deep when finished.  Here are some of the basics along with some explanations by designer Eric Meunier:



1. The Design

Everyone was excited to see what Eric Meunier would come up with for his first design, and he did not disappoint.  With 17 ball paths and 27 targets, there is a lot to shoot for on this machine.  Watch Steve hit the whirlpool shot here, and watch Nick hit the “behind the flipper” shot here.  For a wide body machine, it looked to play fast and people TWIP have talked to have said as much.  Having the upper left flipper towards the middle of the playfield instead of on the edge helps it not play like a “typical” wide body.  Check out Steve Bowden hitting the loop shot EIGHT times in a row!

There are many interesting design aspects, including the unusual outlanes.  The right outlane has an Escape the Hangman hole where you can save your ball if you nudge correctly or get a lucky ricochet.  Check out Eric trying to save his ball here, and watch this ball take a lucky bounce and save itself.

2. The Toys and Features

There is an upper playfield pirate ship that not only rocks back forth like it is on the ocean, but also has a freaking cannon that you can load your pinball into and SHOOT at another (enemy) ship to try to sink it.  There is a physical ball lock in a chest that opens and closes.  There are spinning discs on the playfield, a whirlpool ramp, magnets, a display on the apron, and on and on.  This thing is packed!  Check out a few videos from the Buffalo Pinball stream here:

3. The Code and Variety

As seen in the Rules and Code section above, there is a LOT to do in this game.

4. The Instructions and Guidance

A machine with a lot to do can be intimidating to people new to pinball or those that haven’t played the machine before.  Pirates of the Caribbean does a great job calling out instructions on what to shoot.  Combine that with the display right below the flippers that is showing the best shot to hit at all times, along with the 27″ display in the backbox that also gives instructions, and that should be extremely helpful to the players of any experience.

5. The JJP Quality

Not only is the machine packed with toys and features, but there is a lot of attention in the details of this machine.  The toys don’t look cheap and have a lot of neat design characteristics.  For the first time you can keep track of your tilt warnings right on the playfield.  (Watch Eric tilt in this video.)  The whole machine is full of RGB lights, which is just something we expect now from Jersey Jack Pinball games, but shouldn’t go unsaid.  Simply put, it is a quality machine.


1. Randomness Close to the Flippers

Along with the upper playfield, the spinning discs are going to be a popular and very fun feature, and something people will remember about this game after they walk away.  Check out this fun and chaotic clip with Nick trying to keep his ball alive as the discs mess with the direction of the ball.  Overall the discs will cause a lot of fun and laughter.  However, the randomness close to the flippers could end up being a cause of frustration in some cases, particularly if it is in tournament play (see clip).

2. Collecting Gold

Needing to use the action button to collect gold could potentially get a little tiresome.

3. Playfield Art

This is definitely subjective and you can tell a lot of time and effort went into the art package.  However, Johnny Depp’s face directly in the middle of the playfield is a bit much.  Of course, you never know what went on behind the scenes what requirements the license demanded.

4. Flow

While the upper playfield is incredibly unique and looks like a lot of fun, it may cause the game to not feel as “flowy” as some pinheads like.

5. The Theme

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies overall are entertaining, and pirates in general are a great pinball theme (again, subjective).  The theme in this case is just ok, could be better but could definitely be worse.


Eric explains one of his coolest experiences while designing the game, when he talked to Kevin McNally, who played Gibbs, and he read the script that Eric wrote for the callouts.


Listen to Eric describe one of his favorite shots on the playfield, the shot to get the extra ball (Keith Johnson said it may vex you).


Kevin Manne from Buffalo Pinball is in the Tortuga area with the spinning pops, then makes a remarkable save to keep a ball from going straight down the middle.


For a video of the Collector’s Edition Topper in action, click here.


Disclaimer: All opinions are subject to change because I’m fickle with pinball machines the more I play them 🙂


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Custom Pin of the Week – Yankees Retheme

Custom Pin of the Week – Yankees Retheme

This pinball re-theme is being posted on This Week in Pinball in honor of the New York Yankees winning their post season series last night.   (Editor’s note: I am a White Sox fan, my wife is a Yankees fan.  This one is for her, and it pains me to post this.)


The person that did this re-theme is named Brian Soares, and his work looks absolutely incredible.  He started this project with a 1971 Gottlieb Dimension – you can see what the original Dimension playfield looked like here.  The drop targets are now retired Yankees numbers.  The cabinet is done in pinstripes, and the backbox and playfield are all things Yankees.  Check out the pictures below, and you can check out a game play video here.


We will definitely be covering more of Brian’s work here on the pins of the week.  You can check out his website at  To inquire about a retheme project, contact Brian at

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Name the Game – Monthly Giveaway

Name the Game – Monthly Giveaway

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Identify the pinball machine pictured below for a chance to win the gift card to Titan Pinball!


Hint: Yo Adrian

Last Week’s answer: Pirates of the Caribbean

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Pin of the Week

Pin of the Week


Photo courtesy of Christopher Hutchins – High End Pins –

Photo courtesy of Christopher Hutchins – High End Pins –

Pinside Estimated Price as of 10/9/17: $2,310 – $2,690

For a tutorial video, click here!

For a gameplay video, click here!

For original flyer, click here for the front and here for the back!

Interesting notes about No Fear:

  • Achieve a high score and enter the initials MOO, the skull will now say “moo” after your credit award (from the Easter Egg website)
  • From IMBD: “Pictured in this listing is a game, serial number 100824, with its skull toy having a curious yellow discoloration everywhere except the jawbone. The game came with an operators manual printed in German and its cabinet had been fitted with a ticker vender mechanism. Such mechanisms are banned in Germany, so the owner assumes the vender was added in Italy, where he obtained the game. He brought the game back to Germany and subsequently he met up with artist Greg Freres at a show there. Later, we asked Greg to comment on the discoloration of the skull. He replied:
    I really don’t know why the top part of the skull was discolored compared to the “jaw” portion. My assumption was that we may have tried to do a “wipe” technique on early parts (painting the part to create some visual interest and then wiping it off leaving a bit of a patina behind. This technique was usually reserved for parts that had texture built into the part. For instance, the skull entrance on EATPM used this wipe process to enhance the texture, or the climbing rock on No Fear also used this technique to give the rocks a more natural look. However, this No Fear skull was a smooth part to begin with so a wipe technique doesn’t make much sense because there aren’t any “nooks & crannies” for the paint to get left behind. BUT this skull has some slight texture in it…this lead me to believe that MAYBE this was an early part pulled off a temporary tool and that temp tool may not have been sanded to a smooth finish…MAYBE we were still experimenting with the idea of having the iconic NF skull symbol pushed more towards a real skull instead of a 3D representation of their logo (???) I also thought that MAYBE this skull was discolored from years inside a smoky bistro BUT why then wasn’t the “jaw” section as discolored? That’s why I started thinking we may have been experimenting and this one got left on a proto game.
    Secondly, once it was brought to my attention that the game had a low serial number I noticed the translite was also an early translite, not the finished production translite. You probably already know the story about the ski outfit that Glenn Plake is wearing – production has a red and black combo vs the all yellow outfit that I painted on the illustration. I think about 200 translites were printed to cover the “sample” run, and then we fixed the art, re-ran the films, and printed the rest of the production translites with the new colors. So the fact that his game ALSO has the early translite leads me to believe that his game is possibly from the proto run – perhaps one of the first batch of games that ended up in Germany (or Europe).Greg also pointed out to us that Williams certainly would not have added a ticket vender to the side of the cabinet. He is cautious to actually pronounce the skull’s yellow color as an authentic factory result, and we allow the possibility that the Italian distributor or operator (or whoever added the ticket vender) may have experimented with it. We also note that the serial number, while relatively low, is not within the first 200 made. Still, there is the Sample translite, and for the story interest alone do we show pictures of this game with its translite, skull, and ticket vender.”


Manufacturer: Williams
Display: Dot Matrix
Players: 4
Flippers: 3
Ramps: 2
Release date: May, 1995
System: Williams WPC
Design: Steve Ritchie
Software: Matt Coriale
Artwork: Greg Freres, Pat McMahon
Music:Dan Forden, Vince Pontarelli
Production run: about 4,540


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